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About Us

As a specialist recruiter, Western Tradesmen Inc. has been providing trades and industrial workforce solutions to the manufacturing, utilities and building sectors across Canada for more than 30 years. Western Tradesmen Inc’s comprehensive recruitment services are tailored specifically to the needs of our clients and candidates for temporary, contract or permanent requirements.

Our aim is to effectively meet the staffing needs of our clients, while ensuring the safety of all employees. With over twenty years experience, Western Tradesmen Inc. is more than just a recruiter as we actively enhance employee engagement through induction, training and safety related services.

Western Tradesmen Inc’s clients and candidates benefit from our niche expertise in specific industries and disciplines, while having access to the streamlined services of a larger organisation.  All of our recruiters have specialist knowledge, networks and recruitment capabilities.  With relevant backgrounds, they understand the needs of our clients and provide invaluable market insights.

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